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About Us 

Beaming Stars Community Center is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, community-based organization, and it was established in 2003. The purpose of Beaming Stars Community Center is to ensure that we continue to grow and provide programs, and services for at risk youths from 5-18 years of age.  We believe in developing young individuals into young adults as we equip them with the tools they need to succeed in life.  We strive to give them hope by capturing their attention and breaking the pattern of unproductiveness and hopelessness to which they are often subjected to.

Our programs consist of basketball, leadership, hip hop dance, fashion designer, health and fitness, poetry, and etiquettecy programs, but we desire to add more programs to help the enhancement of our youth. Our youth participation is rapidly growing, and your contributions can help Beaming Stars Community Center complete our mission and our goals. Donations of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated. Giving these youths a positive outlet will help prevent them from becoming statistics and allowing them to contribute to the well being of our society. With your help our programs can be a spring board in their growth and success.

Our Mission

Beaming Stars Community Center will provide a wide range of recreational activities to Houston Metropolitan Area to youths from ages 5-18. Beaming Stars Community Center recognizes that formalized sports programming and recreational activities plays an important role in educating today's youth. We'll support youths with health awareness, physical fitness and recreational programs. Our programs will promote and encourage fair play and seek to enhance individual recreational skills and interests while developing healthier lifelong living habits.

     Basketball Programs & Leagues  

       Start Dates: March 2015!!!! (Registrar Today!!!)

  • Freshman League (Age Groups 5-6) 

  • Jr. Varsity League (Age Groups 7-9)

  • Older Jr. Varsity League (Age Groups 10-12)

  • Varsity League (Age Groups 13-15)


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