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Stars Studded Fashion Event 

Promoting Excellence In Fashion Design 

      & Showcasing The Talents Of Our Youths       

Stars Fashion Flyer 2013

Please come out to Beaming Stars Commuinty Center 2nd every Star Studded Fashsion Show. Our fashion shows is an event put on by our student fashion designers to show case his/her upcoming clothing lines. In our Fashion Shows models walks the catwalk dressed in the clothing created by the student desginer. The order in which each model walks out wearing a specific outfit is usally planned in accordance to the statement the student designer wants to make about his/her collection. The way that each outfit is presented on the catwalk isn't necessarily the way the student designer is trying to make people wear his or her creations in everyday life.  In this instance, this is more of an intellectual–artistic construction of the designer for the same purpose of making a statement or presenting a particular idea.  It is then up to the audience to not only try to understand what the student designer is trying to say by the way the collection is being presented, but to also visually deconstruct each outfit and try to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of every single piece. Please come out and support our youth fashion designers.  It will be snacks, and drinks served, along with live entertainment. 

Fashion Show Dates: March 9, 2013                                      (Particaptants Age Group 8-16)                                                  Door Entry Fee for Observers: $15.00                                 Refreshments Will Be Served ! 

Hoop It up 10th Annual Basketball Tournament        


February 22 & 23, 2013               Houston,Texas                                                 $350 Per Teams (Lunches Are Provided for Coaches, and Players) 


We Welcome AAU, Middle School, High School,                      Church Groups & Community CenterTeams

Special Events


Community Involvement Meting 
Houston Public Library
January 2013!!
We are expanding our organizations and adding all new programs, Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, and General Family Practice Clinic in Houston & Atlanta Area. We will be hosting our first meeting to introduce Beaming Stars Community Center to other community leaders. Please come out and enjoy and newtwork with us.























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