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Stars Poetry Coffee House


Houston, Texas 

Summer Dates:  Register Now For June and July!!!!


The smell of warm hot chocolate, baked snacks, and coffee will fill the halls of Beaming Stars Community Center every 2nd Friday of each month. With dim lighting comfy cushions on the floor, light jazz music, parents, and students can come to our converted Poetry Coffee House.

Throught the visit the coffee house will have live performances by students, and will have many of our returning students read poems that have been written by them throughout the year. The audience can snapped as they enjoy each performance. This unique setting allows students to relax and share their work in a setting different than the classroom.  It also gives parents a chance to enjoy time with their children and socialize with other participant's parents.  The Poetry Coffee House will be a wonder way for studetns to express, say, and perform their work. We Welcome Student Church Groups, Elementary/Middle/High School English Classes, and School Groups.

Per Sessions: Free             

Duration: Every Friday            

Ages: 10-17                        





 Please Note: All Groups Have To Register Through Beaming Stars Community Center.(Times will vary for different age groups)











































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